Casha, Casha & Evans LLC

For over 40 years, Casha, Casha & Evans, LLC has been dedicated to our clients, both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first. Our firm has five professional and experienced attorneys specializing in many different areas of law. The combined experience of our team and our focus on saving clients time and money allows us to provide superior support and ensure that our client’s legal matters are handled both professionally and economically.

The attorneys at Casha,Casha & Evans LLC are dedicated to the proposition that everyone should be afforded access to the law. No one should be afraid to talk to a lawyer because they can’t afford it. For this reason, our firm policy is to provide a free half-hour initial consultation to anyone in need of legal advice.

No legal matter is too complex or too small. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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